Engagement Recruitment

What is included in this package:

  • Personal account manager and recruitment team assigned to be your hands-on guide to the world of professional services;
  • Qualified assistance on all recruiting matters;
  • Ability to work up to 5 vacancies at a time;
  • Unlimited number of potential candidates and hires;
  • If you were already signed up for our Contingency Recruitment Package and choose to upgrade to our Engagement Recruitment package, any previous candidate submitted under the Engagement package could be hired with no additional recruitment fees applied.

 How Does it Work?

  • You will work with your own personal team. An Account Manager and 1 – 2 Recruiters will be assigned to work with your recruitment needs.
  • Prioritize your vacancies as your business continues to evolve. If needed, you may change your 5 vacancies as often as once a week. Our team can quickly adjust to your hiring needs.
  • Any role. Any location. Recruitment for all types of roles; permanent, part-time, contract, and contract-to-hire, in any location worldwide with English speaking candidates.
  • Candidates are pre-screened by recruiters. We pre-qualify all the candidates before submitting them for your consideration. (Thoughts for new wording: All candidates must pass our rigorous screening process before submitting them for your consideration. Through direct search, we find current members of the workforce and introduce them to the benefits and advantages of your company.) You will see great talent from us.
  • Tools and Reports. You will receive daily status updates and weekly progress reports from your personal recruiting team. If preferred, we can use whatever interview scheduling and applicant tracking software you currently utilize in your company provided you pay for and provide us access to these resources.
  • We adapt to your hiring needs. Our packages come with a signed 1 year contract with the ability to renew. If needed, you may cancel your contract as long as notice is received prior to your next quarter.

Connect with us for a quote: consulting@talentuch.com