Subscription-based Recruitment Service

What does this service cover?

  • A subscription-based, full-cycle IT recruitment service with global recruitment coverage;
  • Fast start within 2 days of the initial discovery call with the client;
  • Dedicated technical recruitment team with our own candidate database;
  • Unlimited number of potential candidates and hires – all hires are included in the subscription;
  • The number of vacancies is governed by the subscription plan and can range from 1 to 50 different vacancies simultaneously;
  • Dedicated Account Manager with HR/Recruitment background;
  • Recruitment across all IT levels, programming languages, frameworks, technologies, and ERP systems;
  • All geographies covered: USA, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, all of Europe, and most CIS countries;
  • Direct contact with passive candidates, the first submission is done in up to 5 days from signing a contract;
  • Detailed interview summary provided with each candidate submitted;
  • Weekly reports from Account Managers with the status of each candidate and recommendations on hiring strategy based on candidates’ expectations;
  • We speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, and Ukrainian

 How does it work?

  • You will work with your own dedicated team. A dedicated account manager and 1-2 IT recruiters will be assigned to your recruitment needs;
  • No additional recruitment fees. No success fees, no matter how many candidates you hire;
  • Easy to cancel. Cancel at any time with 15 days’ notice;
  • Monthly or quarterly payments. Get billed when it suits you;  
  • Prioritize your vacancies as your business evolves. If you need to, you can change your vacancies as often as once a week;
  • Any role. Any location. Recruitment for all types of roles; permanent, part-time, contract and contract-to-hire, in any location worldwide with English-speaking candidates;
  • Candidates are pre-screened by recruiters. We pre-qualify all candidates before submitting them for your consideration. All candidates must pass our rigorous screening process before they are submitted for your consideration. Through direct search, we find current employees and introduce them to the benefits and advantages of your company. You will see great talent from us;
  • Tools and Reports. You will receive weekly progress reports from your dedicated recruitment team;
  • We adapt to your recruitment needs. Our packages come with a signed short-term (1 month) or long-term (1+ years) contract with the option to renew. If required, you can cancel your contract as long as notice is received before your next subscription period.

 Why should you choose us?

  • No extra recruitment fees. No contingency fees, no matter how many candidates you hire;
  • Team of experienced recruiters and talent sourcing specialists. We have been providing ERP recruitment services in the field of SAP and Microsoft Dynamics since 2017, and we have successfully completed a wide range of other IT roles since 2020;
  • Results-driven work. We boast 20+ accepted offers per month and our average interview capacity is 300+ interviews per month for technical roles worldwide.

Recruitment consultation

Recruitment consultation is a free 30-minute Google Meet or Zoom call with Senior Recruiters. During it, our ERP or General IT recruitment experts will listen to your current recruitment situation, brainstorm what can be improved, and suggest a solution to overcome the possible recruitment challenges. 

Their expertise, as agency recruiters, lies far beyond common issues the internal recruiters face: in 2022 they closed 189 vacancies with undefined job descriptions, severely limited locations, unique skill sets, and extreme deadlines (first submissions were made in terms of up to 5 days). Our consultants are able to provide you with advice based on their actual experiences of searching and interviewing candidates from every aspect of the IT industry, worldwide, non-stop.

Example of requests we received:

Case 1. Talentuch consultant got a request from a technical startup, which was opening an office in the United States. They were not completely up to date with the current American candidates’ market and struggled to find specialists to support their business. Talentuch team made a detailed research about the ranges for needed employees in different states, our consultant introduced the managers to alternative sources for recruiting. Eventually, the company became our client and we filled a few tricky positions for them, including even non-IT ones. 

Case 2. Our European ERP client was planning to expand their team. They had the ideal profile of the candidate, including the desired location – but the local candidates’ market was already worked out. Talentuch consultant recommended expanding their recruitment to a new region, which has candidates with similar sets of soft skills and technical levels. Thus, the company could hire more than 20 skilled professionals in the same country, in 1 location, at a much lower cost. 

Items to discuss:

  • An analysis of your job description.
  • Assistance in estimating recruitment costs in your region and industry.
  • Alternative recruitment regions for your industry.
  • Cultural specifics of your desired hiring region.
  • How to set up a cost-effective and efficient recruitment process.
  • Assessing your recruitment profile. Reviewing the attractiveness of the employer to potential employees.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Service

What is Employee Satisfaction Survey Service? 

The Employee Satisfaction Survey Service is a data-driven solution for increasing employee engagement and retention. 

The service includes: 

  • Research into the client’s industry, evaluation of the client’s employer profile, and preparation of a customized questionnaire.
  • Conducting surveys and their in-depth analysis.
  • Analysis and follow-up meetings with the client’s management team. 
  • A detailed follow-up action plan based on the survey results. 

Timeline of Employee Satisfaction Service

Day 1-2Getting acquainted with the client and Intro session to audit the current state of the atmosphere in the company.
Day 3-5 Research the client’s industry, and evaluation of the client’s employer profile. Developing a customized questionnaire.
Week 2-5Conducting surveys.
Week 6-7Analysis of results and validation meetings with the client’s management team.
Week 7-8A detailed follow-up action plan based on the survey results. And sending recommendations to managers.
Week 9Results presentation for the team and Q&A consultation.

As a result, you receive

  • Examination of your team’s attitude.
  • Assessment of your employer profile.
  • Detailed analysis of team satisfaction.
  • Uncovering hidden areas for improvement.
  • Identification of blind spots and potential crisis areas.
  • Understanding of team expectations.
  • Plan a specific course of action to maximize employee engagement.
  • Insights that can be used for development and learning.

Why is it important?

According to a Gallup report, only 15% of employees are actively engaged at work, which means that up to 85% are prone to quitting. Low pay, lack of recognition, poor work-life balance, few opportunities for growth, overwork, lack of support, poor communication, unhelpful management, toxic work environment, and more. 

But the real reason is that companies aren’t listening, spending time and money on things that don’t deliver in terms of satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, there are issues that employees are reluctant to discuss openly with management without an assurance of confidentiality.

How do we measure and present the data?

The Employee Satisfaction Survey gathers information on how satisfied employees are at work, how valued they feel, their feelings about work-life balance, opportunities for growth, and relationships with colleagues and managers. Based on recognized methodologies (ESAT, eNPS, Gallup12), we measure employee satisfaction and loyalty and suggest specific actions for management to take. All data is presented in numerical form, making it clear and easy to understand.

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